JVC RX900, Sparkle 8800GT 512, Tsonic MP860 8GB, Thor's Hammer, PK-1 TIM.

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Tsonic MP860 8GB, Thor's Hammer, PK-1 TIM.

On Sale are the following stuffs.

1) JVC HA RX 900 Headphone- SOLD

Sold to a TE member.

2)Sparkle 8800GT 512 MB DDR3 with dual slot cooler

Sold to a local guy

3) Transcend T Sonic MP-860 8GB.

2.5k + ship price dropped drastically

Warranty remaining till Aprl 2012. Have original copy of bill.

Sounds really great. Its almost similar to sansa fuze of my friend. I primarly purchased for MP4 playback, but the screen size isnt enough for my liking. Moving to a bigger screen phone.

Also Nowadays I use PC for music purpose too, and as a PMP will need an AMP to drive headphones, i use my FiiO E7 DAC for music and movies purposes.

Memory expandible upto 32GB + 8GB, using its micro SD slot.

Condition: 9.5/10

Have been using the silicon cover from day 1. Has absolutely no scratches. Screen has been protected by screen guard, from day 1. Have origial box and accessories.

4) Xigmatek Thor's Hammer with all accessories


Lying unused as its hard to fit the cooler with dual fans on my crappy antibiotic cabby. It performs like a monster, and is in same league as Megahalems, TRUE rev.c or the Baram. Original box and accessories included.

Reason: doesnt fit properly with 2 fans in my cabby.

condition: 8/10

comes with AM2+/Am3, LGA 775, LGA 1366 socket retention mechanisms.

5) Prolimatech PK-1 High Performance Thermal Compound unopened.


Got it from Lynx a few months back. Got 3 of these. Only using 2, and the last one hasnt been opened. Its in same league of TIMs like MX-3 and new one costs 550/+ and above.

Condition: 10/10


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hey you may want to correct the warranty on themp860

it comes with 2yrs warranty from the date of purchase.

you can validate the warranty staus for your player on the basis of serial number on the rear lower end of the player from here: Welcome to Transcend Website


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My friend might be interested in the 8800GT. Who deals with Sparkle's warranty? Also what is the purchase date of the card? Last noted idle and load temps?


Dhai Kilo Ka Haath
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hey man, I can order a HARX900 from kmd for less than 4.5 now, what is the point of buying a third hand headfone just for less than 1000 Rs.? Please reduce your price to a sensible 50% depriciation.


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The box will be heavy, and huge, and shipping will be like 200~300/-. Thats why ive set 3.4k shipped. Anyway if you are ok wth bit cheaper couriers, than i can make a 100~150/- off.

And even if its 3rd hand, the original owner didnt even use it for 20 hrs, and also, its been used for less than 70 hrs, and condition is good as new.
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