Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 (3 User License) @ 575/- + Shipping

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 has everything you need for a safe and secure Internet experience. Does not require installation of any additional software to protect your PC.​

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 (3 User License) @ 575/- + Shipping


Essential Protection

* Protects from all types of malware and spyware
* Scans files, email messages and Internet traffic
* Protects instant messengers (ICQ, MSN)
* Updates automatically

Extended Protection

* Two-way personal firewall
* Safe Wi-Fi and VPN connections. New!
* Intrusion prevention system

Preventive Protection

* Intelligent application management and control. New!
* Proactive protection from unknown threats
* Scans OS and applications for vulnerabilities. New!
* Disables links to malware sites. New!

Identity Theft Protection

* Disables links to phishing websites
* Virtual keyboard for safe entry of logins and passwords. New!
* Prevents theft of data via secure connections (HTTPS / SSL). New!
* Blocks unauthorized dial-up connections

Content Filtering

* Parental control
* Antispam protection

Duration - 1 Year


PM me to Confirm ur Orders!!!

Warranty Information

10 Days DOA Warranty
Shipping Details -

Can PM ppl the Reg. Codes too :) if they wanna save on shipping

Mumbai - Any Quantity - Rs. 50/-

All over India - Single Pc - Rs. 50/- ... Upto 3 Pc's - Rs. 75/-
Payment Options - Online Transfer, Cash Deposit, DD to ICICI Bank A/c & HDFC Bnak A/c.

Order Placement -

PM me with your details like.

Full Name
Shipping Address with Landmark
Contact No. (Mobile No. preferred)
Email address

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Thank You.
Shipping Details ? Why dont you just PM users the Reg Code , they can download it themselves , it would be >20mb and very quick
UH oh.. okay.

Anyone on TE interested in sharing a license? :) I have NAV and AVG installed on my other machines and need KIS for just my laptop.
^^ My price is good afaik

And its ok people who want to buy from me will buy & who want s to go there spend on Fuel ,energy, time can buy nobody is stopping them from doing that.
You can get it for 300 :)

if you are in delhi go to NP ( meghtdoot building ) you will find plenty of dealers.

The actual price ( the cost to the dealer) is no more than 200.

I know this post can be considered as low balling and things but i don't want members to get fleeced.
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