Klipsch Image S2m IEMs *Brand New*

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Up for sale are my Klipsch Image S2m IEMs.

Purchase info:

Bought these in November from the UK so no local warranty.

Sound and build quality:

Sound quality wise, these are great. Very balanced IEM, not for users who prefer bass-heavy IEMs.

The highs feel super rich, mids are clear and the bass is pretty adequate though it could feel a bit boomy sometimes.

The soundstage is great, instrument separation is flawless.

Sound isolation works beautifully with cone shaped tips. The outside noise is barely audible once you have these on.

The build quality is really amazing for a sub 2k IEM. The piano black finish looks awesome.

Info and compatibility:

These have a single button inline-mic which works great with original iPhone, iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Apparently, Apple made slight changes to the pin design on the iPhone 4 which causes the inline mic to work intermittently. The single button also doesn’t always work.

Now i tested these initially on iOS 4.1 and the mic had a lot of static, it almost completely didn’t work but i just tried these again after i updated to iOS 4.2.1 on my iPhone 4 and the mic works much better. There’s no static now although the volume is a bit low. The single button still doesn’t invoke response as it should.

Anyway, aside from older iPhone/iPod touch models these should work with all handsets/PMPs that support similar kind of inline mic.

Who should consider buying these:

Anyone looking for a quality IEM at a really affordable price for use with their original iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3GS or the iPhone 4 (the inline mic/button doesn’t always work though).

Great for iPod touch users as well, again i’m not sure if the inline mic works on the newer models.

Obviously the earphones part works flawlessly with almost any source with 3.5mm output jack.


Opened the package but i put them right back after i learned that the mic doesn’t properly work. So these are almost new, spotless with no signs of usage at all. Not burned-in or anything.


I've got two pairs. Pair A doesn't have original box, though all the original accessories will be included with it.

Pair B comes with original box including all the accessories that came with the original packing :

  • Original S-M-L size oval eartips.
  • Carry case.
  • Clip.
  • Manual.

Reason for sale:

I previously had the S2 variant and bought the S2m variant specifically for use with my iPhone 4 but as i explained above the inline mic/button doesn’t work as desired. And because I need a iPhone 4 compatible IEM i'll probably get the S4i.

Asking price:

Pair A sold to phoenix844884.

Pair B sold to Vibu.

Mandatory pictures:

Location: Delhi NCR.

Please PM me in case of any queries.


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As far as i remember , u sold one S2's already to abbis !

And now when the MIC thingy is not gonna work , then why not consider them as S2's only .

And they were priced even better :D


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anubhav2345 said:
And now when the MIC thingy is not gonna work , then why not consider them as S2's only .
Well, need an iPhone 4 compatible IEM and i might just get the S4i. That's why. :)


Mentioned in the original post now.
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