FS: Headphone KZ ZN1 Earphones with Built in AMP

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Drive unit: double driver unit (6 mm + 8 mm)

Plug type: 3.5 MM (plating)
Wire length: 98cm(38.4inches)
Output power: 10 mw * 4
Frequency range: 60-15 KHZ
Sensitivity: 98 dB ±2 dB
Soundtrack: 2.0 four channels
Impedance: 16Ω
Volume(Adjustable range):- 79 --- 0 dB
Bass(Adjustable range):- 14 -----+ 14 dB
Treble(Adjustable range): - 14 ------+ 14 dB
Lithium battery capacity:200MHA
Operation time: 10 hours (continuous use)
Quality standards: CNASL1454 / EU CE standard

1. Double modular structures (8MM + 6.8MM dual-pressure independent drive unit)
2. Professional amp chip
3.Leading audio processing chip, can be freely set the treble and bass state headphones through the wire, called the separate headphone effect.
4.The whole segment rely on hardware decoding settings, gain / minus frequency sound without any break.
5. Intelligent IC switch, compatible with all the national standard and American standard phone interface, HD calls
6. Supports all international standard interface phone to adjust the volume wire
7. Set Status LED Display
8. The user can choose to start or shut down the amplifier
9. intelligent alerts when users set the volume exceeds the maximum, the headset will alert and inform the user sound too loud may damage your hearing.
When users use a headset in a row more than 90 minutes, the headset will alert and inform the user needs proper rest to avoid ear fatigue.
10. Auto dormancy, when the user uses headphones in a row over two hours not to carry out any operation if the headset, the headset will automatically pause playback into hibernation

Package Includes : 1*Earphones, 1*USB cable for charging, Eartips, Earhook, User Manual, Original box packing

Note : Small story short, seller sent an extra as i ordered 1*KZ ZN1 and a KZ ED9 , seller sent an extra ZN1 in packaging, paid the excess amount. The seller is genuine knowledge zenith distributor, if you check the ratings and reviews. Fakes can be found as well for a cheaper price. For those thinking about the sound it punches out, its worth every penny. Please pm for details


More info here including : http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Preh...52&btsid=560470a6-3f2f-4821-85b2-4d536768b8f3
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Lord Escanor
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Unfortunately, I didn't receive it yet. DTDC website shows out for delivery since yesterday, will give those fools a call tomorrow morning.


Lord Escanor
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Received it. Will leave feedback tomorrow as I'm not at home today. Product is working better than expected.

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