Security Software Laptop being hacked


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Sister downloaded some toolbar/software. Turned out to be malware.

It doesnt install, was just an exe file, for some Farmville coins or something..

Problem now is someone is able to access my laptop remotely.. The Webcam light comes on.. And the mouse pointer starts moving automatically opening and closing Windows.

As of now only Windows Defender and Windows firewall are present.

What should I do.

Thought about format, but too much hassle in that...

Any anti virus or anti Spyware recommended ?


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Disconnect it off the internet completely, do not restart the system, disable Wifi/Bluetooth.
Install Autorun and check what services are made to default enabled, any strange service shut it down.
Install a Firewall and block all ports by default. Enable ports as when its required.
Use Firefox or something better only in safe mode.

Install Stinger/ Antivirus, with the necessary updates totally in offline mode and run a full system scan.[DOUBLEPOST=1391965864][/DOUBLEPOST]If you use DHCP, stop the automatically obtain IP address and get a static IP


download processexplorer.exe and autoruns.exe and then completely disconnect the laptop from any type of network. reset your router and change its password.
first using processexplorer kill all the suspecious processes. simple thumb rule is "dont understand/know; kill it"
after making sure that there are no more running suspecious processes running, you run autoruns and remove all the startup entries that you dont know.
if you simply run the autoruns, most of the malware run registry hooks and add the entries back again after deleting them.


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Well for starters as someone suggested do not connect to internet until you sort out the issue. Install good antivirus and firewall and do a thorough scan. I use avast and comodo.

If I were you I will format after all malware and viruses are checked and cleaned. I am very paranoid and if my computer was as infected as yours I will not be using it for anything important before formatting and making completely sure I am clean.


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Do the following steps: (From my own experience while I had Windows Vista. I got infected at 11:00pm. Finished cleaning at around 4:00am. Of course I had Kaspersky as well as another XP laptop connected to internet. So I could immediately research as well as connect to Kaspersky forum for prompt support)
1. Disconnect all internet and network connections
2. Install processexplorer.exe as well as CCleaner
3. Strongly suggest to get NIS (Norton Internet Security). It is worth the price.
4. Start thecomputer in Safe mode and scan thoroughly using NIS and if the need be follow the recommended steps to clean infected files.
5. Go through the site: and make note of default services.
6. Run processexplorer and stop or kill services that does not belong to the above list and you don't know what it is (have a lookout for special services that are run from user ids i.e. non-system id)
7. Run Ccleaner and clean registry and uninstall any funny start-up processes/programs.
8. Restart the machine in normal mode, but don't connect the internet. Make sure that NIS is running okay
9. Again go through Step 6 and 7 and if need be restart the machine
10. Connect the internet and update the definitions and do a complete scan of the machine
11. Now pray God, that system is clean!!;)


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I would strongly suggest you do a OS reinstall with a full system scan using and AV ( I prefer avast ) and malwarebytes....the risk of having your data compromised and the video camera coming on is too much of a risk....