Laptop RAM, USB TV Tuner, IPOD Nano 4g, Apple Composite AV Cable

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Apple Ipod Composite AV Cable

1. Apple IPOD Nano 8GB 4th gen with all accessories
- Sold to Dragon. Thanks a lot :clap:

2. Apple original Composite AV cable
Webpage : Product page
Pics : Here
Bill Available : Yes with original box, bought it in August 2009
Warranty : Yes
Reason for selling : Bought Xtreamer and hence not using it. Working perfectly fine, was using it earlier for watching movies on my LCD from Ipod.
Reduced price : Rs. 1000 /- (local pickup only)

Note that now its local pickup only (Kolkata). No shipping.


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bump for tv tuner

bump for ram !

since it will save ur shipping costs...can u ship both for 800 ?


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cursed said:
And what about my PM, send me acc details and I will pay.

PM replied ..

skumar9988 said:
laptop ram for me.

Had a accident last saturday.broken hand leg with sticheson head

Sorry about your accident .. check your PM

RAM sticks are DDR2 667 MHz ..hence prices revised .. USB TV Tuner sold
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