Laptop Wireless card upgrade help


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my trusty Inspiron 5010 is pushing 7 years, and thankfully due to the availability of parts online, have been able to keep it running.
however the bluetooth onboard is 2.1, and my phones and reciever are 4.0, and its music streaming capabilities leave a lot to be desired compared to my phones ( skipping, distortion etc)
the bluetooth module (dell bluetooth 365) has a proprietary connector, and was not able to find an upgraded version. was almost about to buy a USB adapter when I saw mini pcie Wifi cards with integrated bluetooth 4.0 and better connectivity (ac, 2x2)
My laptop has a broadcom dell 1501 WLAN chip which is a b/g/n 1x1 half mini pcie card with 2 antennas.
I was looking for upgrade options - there are realtek, broadcom and intel options available on which ships to india.
I'm guessing realtek aint so great, but between broadcom and intel, which would be better, and which model should i choose? would like to limit my budget to 10USD ( which rules out the intel 7260 AC)
also, is it worth getting the 7260 AC for 2x the price when my home network and everything i have in it is N. My laptop wireless is currently a bottleneck for my 85Mbps ACT broadband
My OS is Win 7 64 Bit
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Correct me if wrong, but I believe the older laptops have a whitelist of mPCIe cards. Would suggest to see what cards are supported and then go ahead.


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recieved and installed the card.
Speedtest is giving me full speed of my ACT broadband (around 75Mbps) compared to the 33ish I was getting with the old adapter

I had read some potential issues with BT, but thankfully none. Tried Dell driver versions of this card, but the wifi one didnt install - installed the Intel ones, both are working fine.
No more skipping of audio and now the sound is much better since its running at BT 3.0 compared to the older 2.1 (the card supports 4.0, but my logitech audio reciever is 3.0)