FS: Laptop Latitude E6410 8GB Ram, 1440X900 lcd and double HDD

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Up for sale is a

1. Dell Latitude E6410 laptop with i7-620M processor + 8GB RAM. This is a magnesium alloy/Trimetal laptop of the same grade as a top-end Thinkpad. The original buy price of this laptop was around 1.2 lakhs. This is a spill proof, enterprise grade laptop. Additional features include SD card reader, expresscard port, webcam, working bluetooth, 5GHZ compatible wifi (which even the latest ideapads dont seem to frikking have! seriously ?).
2. comes with 2 hard disks - including extra caddy for hard disk. You can boot from either one (oh yes... I do this) or set them up as a RAID.
3. removable DVD drive bay - this is what you can HOT-SWAP with an extra hard disk
4. new battery (1 month back - with 1 year warranty - purchased from Flipkart). On linux with dual hard disks running, and about 30 Firefox tabs + mysql servers, etc running - I get about 2.5 hours (which I'm told is pretty good)
5. new backlit keyboard
6. Windows 7 pro license sticker - but I dont have original media (I run linux).
7. The Latitude grade laptops are supported for many years - I bought a new fan for my laptop for just about 300 rupees. Upgradability is top-notch. Just search on ebay.
8. The internals of the laptop are protected by a roll-cage and a drop-sensor.
9. 100 % linux compatible - including suspend/resume, bluetooth, brightness, volume, and multi-touch touchpad.
10. Did I mention 1440X900 display - FYI, the display has a professional color profile for graphics work. Can be downloaded here - http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/icc_profiles/dell_e6410nv_user.icc . YMMV - I have no clue about this.

Additional info - http://www.levnapc.cz/ProductsFiles/Dell-Latitude-E6410-technicke-specifikace-en.pdf

Condition of laptop:
1. few screws missing from laptop. I lost them when I was adding second hard disk. I'm not an expert in finding screws, but these are not some weird Apple-screws. I'm pretty sure you can replace them usually.
2. I regularly clean the laptop, including the insides - I cleaned and applied MX-4 about 2 months back. But the laptop is a bit dusty around the speaker grills.
3. No original media - I have a Windows 7 Pro license sticker on the laptop, but I do NOT have the media. I am not sure how to get it either, but I'm sure you can find it with a few google searches. I have primarily used this laptop with Linux
4. You get one HDD of 320GB.

Senior member warranty - if you are a member of TE for atleast a year and/or have 100 posts, then you have a 24 hour no questions asked return policy. FYI - offer of this policy is upto my discretion (based on the kind of offers I get), but if I offer it.. it will be honored.

Availability of Laptop - I'm using it in my startup (oh yeah - this is way much more powerful than all the cheapo laptops I see around. I'm still using it.). I'm getting a newer Thinkpad from the company in about a week, so this laptop is available only then.

Interestingly, significantly lower end E6410 laptops are going for about 25k on ebay ;)


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Brings back memories of a Laptop I was issued from work a couple years ago. This machine is one of the last great Dell laptops.
You might want to mention the capacity of the drives an well as if there are any nicks, dents or scratches to help build confidence.


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@Xanthor - yes it is !

One of the drives is 320GB, but I hot swapped the other for a DVD drive right now - will go home and check, but I expect it to be 320GB as well. The bottom and side ports have some wear and tear, but no prominent scratches,etc. But you are right - I will take pictures of all sides once I'm out of office.


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I would like to apologize to everyone who wrote to me - really sorry, I had a very urgent issue and was travelling for last couple of days.
couple of clarifications - the laptop ships with one HDD of 320GB. I'm a little reluctant at giving out the other one because my SSD doesnt have a whole lot of space on it :(

Secondly, I would strongly prefer local buyers at this point - since I'm letting you walk away if you dont like it. That said, I'm traveling to Mumbai next week, so this will be open to mumbai buyers as well.

Additionally, I have uploaded additional pictures to the the original post.


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As discussed, I will be picking it up in couple of days.

Edit: Its not on hold, need some more time to think about it. Buyer interested can contact silverbyte.
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hi everybody - really sorry for being unavailable. I had a major personal issue and was not on TE for a long time.

Quick reply to one or two things people have asked me:

1. hinges condition - the hinges were tightened and now they are not loose. There is a little give in the hinges - just as much as much as my brand new Thinkpad. There is always going to be a little give with magnesium alloy hinges.
2. Windows license - there is a valid windows COA sticker under the battery. Again, I am absolutely clueless about windows (I havent used it in many years, other than in Virtualbox)

I will be replying personally to everyone who PMed me.


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Please close the thread.. Laptop received. Nice dealing with you.. Leaving you rating, please do the same....
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