Lenovo P780 Alleged Problems

^^ how big is that? any other details?



Updated... I guess entire UI got changed and looks good. But damn slow:( could be related to the new security software which is running always.


Here is something new...

After kitkat update last week a new update was available day before yesterday. I installed it, nothing new felt.

Today morning when i tried to charge it was disconnecting (charging protection activated message was popping up continuously)... tried different chargers, then tried connecting laptop USB and later in off condition as well... it was connecting for an instance and disconnecting next moment...

Reached office and connected to USB, now charging properly (WTF!!)

Could it be the firmware ? Battery about to die ? (considering battery warranty 6 months, I am screwed)

Any suggestion ?


I didn't notice anything as such. Updated the phone to the latest 170 MB firmware upgrade. The phone seems to be working faster now with very few lags.


The update which we got now is not at all nice. There are some options missing in the current update.

I used to have an option to hide unwanted apps previously.
Swype keyboard missing.
Serious network issues. Both the sims lost the network many times after update.
All the apps are placed on the home screen and no menu option.
Battery draining faster.
I just felt like I've done the biggest mistake by updating it to 4.4.2

I will now surely call the lenovo people and downgrade my mobile to 4.2 Jb


Will go to the service center this weekend and let you know by monday.
The only doubt I have is whether they will downgrade it or not.


Yesterday my mobile went worse. So I took a leave and been to the service center.
They said that the update is good for the 4GB model and the worst for the 8GB model.

They said that they need to replace the board now and it will take 15 days time for them to order and get a new board for me.
In the mean while they loaded the 4Gb model software(JB) into my mobile.


Here is something I was desperate to share...

After submitting the handset at service center I got a call after a week from Lenovo service center from Delhi, Lenovo representative told me that instead of board replacement I will be getting refund for my phone.

I was surprised when they said the refund will be as per billing amount on my bill... After two days of follow up, same was updated in service center, submitted the documents and box with accessories. They said it will be refunded in 15 days.

Luckily got mi 3 today from a work colleague who got 2 on COD.... :cool:

@mojo any update at your end ?