FS: Laptop Lenovo USB style charger [Original]


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Jan 1, 2017
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Paytm: nine nine four 8 zero double-four three 4 9
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GPay: nine nine four 8 zero double-four three 4 9@okicici

I can ship only by Delhivery or DTDC.

I had bought it as a back-up and it has been used at home, under safe conditions. I do not have a Lenovo laptop to test the adapter to check if the adapter is still working.

I will provide 3 days DOA warranty for the adapter. I will refund full amount + shipping charges (if any) to the buyer if the adapter fails to work.

Item name
: Lenovo Power adapter (USB A shaped) original, box available
Purchase price: 1195/-,
Current price: 1249/-

Sold to @codelad . Payment received, tracking details shared.
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