Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro launched in India @ 33k

Lord Nemesis

^^ Its dual Sim AFAIK. Flipkart specs state it as single sim, but I am not sure whether there really is a single sim version of it since gsmarena only mentions a dual sim version of it.

And yeah, that SOC is why its interesting.


It is also nice that the sims & msd cards can be popped out of the side (or is that a feature that is there in all the newer generation phones?).


Wierd why FK shows single sim for the Huawei Honor - it is dual sim

A review here : http://www.gizchina.com/2014/09/15/huawei-honor-6-review/

Been sick and tired of waiting for an affordable high spec dual sim phone :mad: The Z2 Pro is really good on the looks (gets the basics right) as well as the specs. Pricing - not really sure but you could argue in its favor for what it packs
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This Vibe Z2 pro is an excellent phone at this price. It also has added benefit of running stock android if you dont like Lenovo's custom skin on top. Though they have fine tuned the skin they use on this particular device. Only drawback is no micro sd card slot. And out of 32gb of builtin storage, you only get close to 23gb due to this dual rom option. Other worry could be, this might get hot due to the metal used on the back while heavy duty gaming.

This particular phone is using the same camera module at the back of Galaxy Note4. Its still not clear whether thats an Isocell sensor of samsung or its a sony IMX240 camera module with OIS added in. But the actual specks of both sensors are identical.

I would recommend this one over Moto X 2014.

BTW, posting here after a long long time :)


^I think they started to sell it on that day itself... You can see some unboxing video in YouTube which has FK boxes which was published few days back


Looks promising with good battery, 1440p screen! This would give Moto X 2014 real run for the money. Many would say Moto the experience... But anything bigger than 5" really makes me think again, I cant reach the other end of the screen without a 2 hand operation major downer for my pleasant experience!!
Isn't moto owned by lenovo?.

Lord Nemesis

My Vibe Z2 pro was delivered today. Did not play with it much so far, but some initial impressions

- The device was smaller than what I was expecting in my mind. This feels more like a 5.5" device than a 6" one. The bezel has been kept to the absolute bare minimum. Felt just like a Note 2/3.
- The display clarity is awesome. Especially the brightness felt out of the world. Need to see how well it fares in sunlight. I have no doubt that it will be massively better than my Galaxy S3. Videos look awesome.
- Loud Speaker is pretty loud compared to all the phones that I have purchased so far.
- Weight needs getting adjusted to as I am coming from a S3. I guess Note series users would feel right at at home.
- Software is smooth.
- Back camera is pretty good. It has a professional mode which I didn't use so far. Didn't test out the front camera either.