FS: Tablet Lenovo YogaBook YB1 [Original Box / Unique 2 in 1]


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Asansol, West Bengal
Item Condition
4 out of 5
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  1. Cash
  2. Bank Transfer
Purchase Date
Jul 5, 2017
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Included in cost
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  1. Yes
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Not using anymore
  • Product Name: Lenovo YogaBook YB1
  • Expected Price: Rs. 16000
  • Shipping charges: Included in cost
  • Manufacturer page URL: https://www.lenovo.com/in/en/tablet...s-series/Yoga-Book-with-Windows/p/ZZITZTWYB2L
  • Description if any: This is a 2in1 tablet with Windows 10 Pro.
  • Reason for Sale: Not using anymore
  • Product condition: 8 out of 10
  • Purchase Date: 05-JUL-2017
  • Remaining Warranty period: None
  • Warranty available in: Not Applicable
  • Invoice Available: Yes (Attached)
  • Shipping from: Asansol, West Bengal
  • Shipping to: All over India or Local buyer
  • Preferred courier: Delhivery
  • Payment options: GPay, NEFT




This is a very thin and light 2-in-1. I used it mostly for watching movies while travelling and the occasional MS Office works.
If you are looking for performance to replace your desktop or laptop, this might is not the right product for you.

It runs Windows 10 Pro, so all productivity applications work flawlessly.

What you can do with this:
- MS Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint stuff
- MS Teams, Outlook and Skype for Business
- Take notes, with the unique system. (There is a stylus which also uses refills, a paper can be kept on the Halo Keyboard's tablet mode, and take notes manually on a paper and it would be digitized on MS OneNote as well.)
- Video Call (it has 2 cameras, front facing and back facing)
- The stylus also works as a on screen marker while delivering PowerPoint presentations.
- Watch Movies
- Surf Internet

Item was bought from Saudi Arabia. The screen and keyboard condition is excellent, the outer body has some minor scratches due to normal usage. Original box and accessories included (except the micro-usb charging cable).

Bundled items:
- 128GB Micro SD Card
- Micro HDMI to HDMI cable

- The micro-usb port also doubles up as a USB port, so you would need a OTG cable to connect pendrives and hard drives.
- Comparing it with iPad, this will help you much more exactly due to the full Windows experience. Can get several office works done. I replaced my iPad with this, hence mentioning.
- Price is negotiable, but please don't low ball.


Please PM for any queries.


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price reduced (negotiable)

folks, looking for iPad for office work, this device will be more productive compared to it...