LG Optimux 2X - Rs22200


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Im getting a BNIB LG Optimus 2X for Rs22200. This is a full retail unit and comes with regular warranty from LG India.

LG Optimus 2X - Full phone specifications

This is how this GO works. Post here or PM me if you have any more questions.



  1. This GO starts now and ends on 24th June. I can get the delivery of the phone in ~5 days of transferring the money. Confirm your order, tell me your address, transfer the money = receive phone within a week. You need not wait till 24th to order your phone.
  2. I will keep this thread updated with the status as the GO progresses. I might add new information or change some of the details. Please follow this thread/subscribe if you are interested in this GO.
  3. I need to receive your payment by 24th June. Confirm your participation in this thread and PM me to get my account details. Any payments received after this date will be returned (minus my NEFT charges). No backing out of the GO after transferring the money.
  4. Im doing this on a no-profit/no-loss basis. Any other minor cost in procuring the phone will be divided equally among the participating members.
  5. No bargaining. No eBay listing. No partial payments. No EMIs. No interest free loans.
  6. In case there is any issue with the GO and Im not able to procure the phones, I will refund the entire amount.
  7. Price remains the same irrespective of the number of phones purchased.
  8. I will add your name to the list at the end of this post as soon as I receive your money. I will also send you a PM to confirm receipt.
  9. I will try and get individual bills. Otherwise, everyone gets a copy of the GO bill. It might not be in your name though. This shouldnt impact any warranty claims with LG India.
  10. Pickup from my place in Bangalore is most convenient for me and much preferred. I can be able to arrange for local pickup in Hyderabad, NewDelhi and Pune, depending on the response.
  11. Free shipping to most cities and towns in India. Will be shipped in original sealed box by the dealer/distributor.

Do not ask any technical questions in this thread. Use the appropriate forum.

Participating Members
  1. sid1712 - Payment Received. Order placed.
    30-6-2011 - Phone received by sid1712.



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Woah, great pricing mate!

Ill ask my friend about it, he may be interested.

ill PM you if anything turns up.

Great way to write the rules and everything, top notch! :)


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What's this.. No interest for this phone at such a excellent price??? I wish I had the guts to spend 22k plus on a cellphone.


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My friend tried this phone for one day..He got a new one (opened for unlock) from sfbay craigslist for 370$.. His comments..phone is snappy but the 8MP camera is worse than the iphone 5MP one and he returned it the next day..even though he was desperate to buy one latest android before coming to india.

The actual users might give more details..


Cookies, mmm...
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I should be up for one. I think i will most probably pay by the 22nd and it would be great if a local pickup at Delhi could be arranged.

Great initiative BTW man :)