WTB Lg slimport cable


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I have got a lg g2 and recently saw a video on youtube that older phones can be used as a smart box for dumb tvs but lg used slimport. I cant find any slimport cable, only one available is for 15k on amazon.


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hey .. i thought same as you and bought slimport cable 3 years ago from US. its really not worth it. atleast not with g2. the phone's memory is ddr3 and its very slow to handle anything these days. you have keep the screen on all the time or replug the cable everytime you want to use it with tv. the battery keeps draining when you use slimport even if charger is connected and phone gets very heated while all this is happening. i got frustrated and sold both. i had lg g3 too. even g3 doesnt play well with slimport cable. if you want to convert tv to smart tv, i suggest to buy a real android tv box. you can connect external hdd, gamepad, kb and mouse. almost like mini pc. dont buy sticks like fire tv, chromecast etc. android box is full paisa vasool for rs.3-3.5k.