FS: Mobile LifeProof Frē iPhone 5 Case, Sold Out Everywhere, Black Color, New in Box

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Sold !!

  • Time of Purchase: Nov'12

  • Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No

  • Reason for Sale: Got two, keeping one, selling the spare

  • Purchase Invoice Available: No

  • Product Condition: New, Box opened to check contents and click pics

  • Accessories Included: Original box, manual, earphone adaptors, etc.

  • Product Location: New Delhi, Delhi

  • Preferred Courier: Some reputed one

  • Shipping Charges: Rs 140 Extra

  • Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer
Thanks to kunalthesarkar, I couldn't sell it locally.

He offered me a price, I accepted it, he said he needs a cpl of days to pay as he was outstation, I waited.

After 3 days, I pinged him again, he said it was for a friend who now wants to pay Rs 500 less than the agreed upon price,
but he will pitch in and will take Rs 200 on his pocket and asked me if that's okay with me.

Meanwhile, someone off TE offered me the same amount that kunalthesarkar originally offered to me, but since I had committed
to sell it to kunalthesarkar, I didn't give it to that guy.

At this gesture of kunalthesarkar, I told him that it's not right and asked him if he can raise it sharing with him the fact that I could
have sold it for the originally agreed upon price, but to stick to my commitment, I didn't

He bluntly said, that's the max he/his friend could do and it's now my call.

Poor me accepted his revised offer and asked him to make the transfer.

It's been 4 days since then, kunalthesarkar has been on TE sometimes, but doesn't care to even respond to my messages.

Well done kunalthesarkar !!

Whatever happened to the respect towards commitments, at least, didn't expect someone would not even care to respond after doing all this :(
Not open for further replies.