LinkedIn Premium


Does anyone know how to get LinkedIn Premium for a cheaper price? I mean Rs.1,200 per month is not feasible at all.


Create 12 fake accounts and subscribe to 1 month trial then cancel immediately, you will get 1 month free trial. Now use another account next month.

P.S. LinkedIn is filled with fake accounts anyways


all 12 months will expire in 1 month if you create all 12 now.
No, you can create an account now but activate your trial each month. You can also use single Card to activate all your accounts, just activate trial on a first account and deactivate immediately so linkedin doesn't auto activate your account next month in case you forget (that happens most of the times)
Join a company that gives you Linkedin subscription for free :p. Ask for it during interviews.

Rather join Linked in itself :p.

There used to be a trick where you try to find out Linkedin employees and ask for a coupon. It used to work a year back. Try your luck.