LINKSYS OGV200 Network Optimizer for Gaming and VoIP

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Features :

Plug & Play Design for easy installation
Improves the quality of VoIP phone calls (Skype, Vonage,…)
Eliminate lag with internet games
Smooths out video streaming
Suppresses lag associated with P2P sharing applications
Improves response time with interactive internet applications
Compatible with all DSL/Cable/Ethernet based ISPs

Got this around 3 months back from KMD, and unfortunately i have stopped gaming especially quake 3, which i use to play before so its lying around idle. This thing works like a charm if you need to stabilise your voip/gaming lag. Its basically plug and play, it will automatically detect your connection speed and then optimise it so that the lag gets eliminated. This device works with any router i.e. D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, etc. If anyone is interested in buying this they can personally come and check it out at my place, and clear the doubts if any.

Not open for further replies.