List your Top 5 favourite Programming tools/software


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This let me tell you,is a very sensitive ... emotional ...and extremely subjective list and will definitely very from person to person...spanning sixty years of evolution of operating systems, through decades of whether it has to do with wordprocessing or compilers or servers or sdk 's your mind...and there is no 'right' choice ,let me remind you.

each of you make your own road....and bullet out your personal top 5 programming tools. (i'll give my list probably a a little later )

and no matter which ever programs turns up the most number of times.... hail the programmer's toolkit .its ok if you take ur time.... take a deep breath,go back to ur first few interactions with 'the computer' for me ,i cant wait for everyone to type in theirs ..... goody :)


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vi and NEdit (editors) and gcc, g++ (compilers) are all I use. I am just starting out with programming so its quite enough for my needs right now.


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This let me tell you,is a very sensitive ... emotional ...and extremely subjective list and will definitely very from person to person...spanning sixty years of evolution of operating systems, through decades of whether it has to do with wordprocessing or compilers or servers or sdk 's

turbo c++ and emacs in programming.. sorry only 2 are favourite.. rest are adjustments..
in software:
setup/installation software of anything..started onto pc by installing something..
then internet browser and messengers..browsing/emails
windows explorer.. so many files in my system,, i always do something or other with it..
adobe photoshop.. recent one.
winamp...last but not least.



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Notpad2+ or something for my HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, ASP etc etc needs.

And Borland C++ 5.02 for my C++ needs.


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borland c++, edit plus, VB 6, massom for assembly lang programming and turbo c++ if graphics have to be employed


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1.] Edit Plus
2.] Macromedia Dreamweaver
3.] Some others are there, but I don't use them that frequently... ;)

Since this thread is meant for listing one's favourite programming tools/software, I've only listed what is favourite to me, not what all I use... :D
This means that I use other things amongst many, but they all aren't my favourite. :p


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My personal favorite tools..

Notepad - Don't use it much anymore, but I grew up on it. =P

Dreamweaver 8 - I absolutely love this program when it comes to HTML, CSS, and PHP. Expanding and colapsing sections of code makes life much easier.

Visual Studio .NET 2003 - I'm not a huge Windows programmer, but it works for college. =P

I don't use much else..?


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Well my favs include the following
Eclipse for java
dreamweaver mx 2004 for web related things
Borland C++ & Turbo C
Flash MX
last but not the least notepad(doesnt take up much memory) :hap2:

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My Top 5 Favourites

1.> JDK Standard Edition
2.> Yahoo site builder [creates gr8 websites]
3.> SwishMAX [Flash Animation with Scrpiting]
4.> Borland C++
5.> Visual Studio Enterprice Edt.
Apache Tomcat & MySQL & DOS based "EDIT"


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microsoft vs 2005 by far.....
i've seen quite a few java IDEs and i dont think there's any thats as good as this one for .NET...i've been coding my project on this for some time now and aside from the fact that it's a memory hog it rocks!!!

tho' MSDN does suck a's not very comprehensive... :(

and btw it's dreamweaver for HTML, CSS


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well for my part I go with,

* the simple Textpad,Jcreator for my Java programming.

* Turboc for C,CPP programmming needs.

* Apache Tomcat.

* Visual Studio.

* SQL Server.


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my fav would be.....
C compilers
cc(solaris),gcc, TC

Text editors
vi or vim

SQL editors
Toad, vi

Thats what i use... i guess i like what i use ....(I have to!)
There are more thing i use - Visual Studio and Visual Studio .NET 2003 where u dont need to know the languange the IDE does 60% of the job for you... unless u want to be very specific, which i am not very fond of!


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Tough pickin top five

1. Microsoft VS .NET 2005

undisputedly best IDE for either .net or win32 decelopment.
the refactoring, class designer, 2.0, kewl .net components man ph man cant have enuf of it.

2. Borland Developer studio.
ECO (Enterprise core objects) is the best thing ever happned to databases and expert progammers now dont need to worry about wat goes behind in those dbs. Worth a notice for each programmer here who ever has done database programming.

3. Editplus - nothing like it when comes to column selections, quick n dirty html test pages for my servlets or asp/jsps or even serios coding at times.

4. vi yes i still luv the good 'ol vi
i had my teeth with vi u know - its lke gripe water

5. gcc i hate to tell u guys but hey dont have any option. its something i cant live with for long and also cant live without for long either. LOL


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hmm i use VS 2005 for c, c++, c#, and for java....i use notepad and textpad.

for photo editing....adobe photoshop or gimp..mine is photoshop.

for db, mysql or sql server as oracle makes ur system very slow.


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1: vi / emacs - Nothing but the best.

2: gcc with gdb - Nothing but the best for c /cpp / debugging

3: Glade - GTK stuff

All in all 3 are enough for me.... You can do Perl , PHP , Python , C , C++ and many more with them...

MySQL is a very good DB.


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well it depends.

For C#, ASP, .NET the obvious choice is MSVS ... right now i am using 2005 version.

For Java
I love, Eclipse and NetBeans.

For C/C++ on windows, its MSVC and Borland C++ 3.1

on linux i like to code in Anjuta.