Logitech G510/510S - Discussion Thread


Im Special, gREen.
Many of them bought G510s from amazon on deals last months or so. It replaced my Sidewinder X6 which i love it.
Okay the main USP or *** we bought this KB is for the display but later found the not all games are supported because of the api restriction and the profiles the say are the key bindings and not display or the applets...
It just have a starter applets like clock, performance. and some of the old games only support the applets.

So, this thread is about any discussion, scripting, applets regarding the G510/510s.

1. LCDSirReal - it comes with predefined template which suffice for most of us.
2. LCDStudio - currently its not working for me and i'll look for solution.
3. AIDA64 - This one is awesome and got various reading with custom or you can create a new template for yourself. Defiantly check this guys and you may thank me later...
4. Fraps - will try and update

For scripting and other related ones check this forum G15 Applets