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Logitech Wireless DJ Music System


Total Control
On-the-Fly Playlists: Create and save your best mixes.
Advanced Shuffle: Go totally random or pick your favorite genre.
All-Access Pass: Listen to PC music, plus Internet radio and Podcasts.

Ease of Use
Long Range: Sit back and relax away from your computer and stereo.
Intuitive Controls: See what?s on and choose what?s next on the backlit LCD.
Ergonomic Design: Quickly scroll through even the biggest music collections.

Plug and Play
1-2-3 Setup: Just install the free software, plug in the transmitter, then plug in the receiver.
No Home Network Required: Let the USB wireless transmitter do the work.

System Requirements
Intel or AMD CPU (1GHz or higher)
Windows XP Home or Professional (SP1+)
512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
300 MB available disk space
Available 1.1 or 2.0 USB port CD-ROM drive
Audio System
Home stereo system with stereo RCA input jacks or Powered multimedia speaker system with a stereo-mini input jack

Technical Specifications
Frequency: 2.4 Ghz
Transmission format: digital
Compatible Applications
StreamPoint software accesses the media libraries of:
Apple iTunes 6.0.2 (and higher)
Windows Media Player 9 (and higher)
Musicmatch Jukebox 9.0 build 508x (and higher)
Plays any format your PC can play:
iTunes (AAC)
Internet Radio

Package Contents
Wireless DJ remote
Rechargeable battery
USB Music Transmitter
Music Receiver / Dock
AC Adapter
Stereo RCA audio cable
Logitech StreamPoint software CD
User manual
2-year limited warranty

MRP - Rs 15995
Our Price - Rs 5,500 Shipped

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I guess 'discount' wasn't the right word, it was chosen for effect :p.
What I meant was that prices have been slashed by almost 2.9 times which is a 65% discount so you would be paying 290% less than original price.

Come on, video encoders regularly boast of things like 300% compression. It obviously means a 3 times reduction in size, otherwise file sizes would go in the negative ;).


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^^ Been busy with a few things past few days thats why the gap in communication. You can transfer the funds for this item and we will ship it asap, think you already have our bank details.

Cheers !


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the usb receiver looks similar to the one thats used by logitec's wireless keyboard/mouse, so i am guessing the range wont be more than 10-12ft. or am i wrong and the range is more like the remotes that come with bose's??.. (they work from anywhere in the house.. range is like 100 ft even thru the walls )