FS: Keyboard and Mice Logitech MK270r Combo / Logitech M310 Mouse / Cables lot / Audio technica CLR100BT bluetooth earphones

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Oct 23, 2020
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1. Logitech MK270r Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows, 2.4 GHz Wireless​

Purchased from: Amazon India 02/10/2019
Item condition:
keyboard - used moderately for web surfing only or watching movies, I'm not a coder or gamer.
works 100% fine, cosmetic condition - 8/10, no major scratches or dents. see pics attached.
Mouse - tried or may be used for 15-20 days lying since then.
Warranty: don't know somewhere its mentioned 1 yr , somewhere its 3yrs.
Invoice - available
Reason selling - Upgraded.
Retail box - not available
Price - Rs. 800 (fixed and final includes shipping to anywhere in India)

2. Logitech M310 Wireless Mouse​

Purchased from: Amazon India 23/10/2020, as Logitech MK540 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo.
Using keyboard only so selling mouse separately. This item has unifying receiver so can be used alone.
Item condition: New
warranty - no , warranty requires both items together. so only if you don't care for warranty like me.
Invoice - available
Price - Rs. 1600 (fixed includes shipping to anywhere in India)
Note: This is a full size ambidextrous mouse and It's not sold in India (I Guess). Sold only as a combo here, though it sells for 20-30$ in other countries.

3. Some mixed cables (Selling / giveaway whole lot)​

List of items -
1. Hdmi Cable 2.5 meter x 1 (Brand: Maxicom)
2. Hdmi Cables 1.5 meter x1 , 2 meter x1 (Brand: Generic , may be I got these with Dth boxes)
3. PSU power cord 1.2meter with UPS socket (untested item)
4. Optical cable 5 feet (Generic)
5. Lan cable cat5 patch cord 1meter
6. Aux cable 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo 1.5 meter Boat indestructible
7. USB 2.0 to micro usb 4 feet (Belkin)
8. Sata cables x3 (Storite)
9. USB 2.0 to micro Usb 1 meter (unknown brand , may be some old sony mobile)
10. USB 2.0 to micro Usb 4 feet (Nokia, old phone)
11. USB 2.0 to micro Usb 2.5 feet (Samsung)

All cables are in good to very good working condition as I tested last time, no time to check all these at the moment,

Price: Rs. 350 shipped including courier charges. or Rs.200 + book your own online (shipping weight is 1 KG)

4. Audio technica CLR100BT Bluetooth earphones (unboxed)​

Condition - 5/5 received on 1/11/2020
tried for half an hour,
reason selling - not using
all accessories available (retail box not available, gone in the bin mistakenly)
price: 1200 shipped (please don't negotiate, already adjusted to the best I can do)
invoice available : yes (see pics attached)



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Nitendra Singh

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mk270r combo sold to amolc193 @ techenclave, payment received.

shipping details shared for both the items.

only logitech m310 mouse left.


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mk270r combo sold to amolc193 @ techenclave, payment received.

shipping details shared for both the items.

only logitech m310 mouse left.

Received MK270r combo, tested working fine, Good communication, quick shipping. Thanx.
Feedback added.
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