Logitech Ultra Slim Keyboard - DIY RMA

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Product Link: Logitech Ultra Flat Keyboard

Purchase info: Got this from ebay India sometime during January this year.

Warranty: Has a 3 year warranty so about 2 years and 5 months remaining. Do not have the bill but claiming RMA does not need one and goes by the serial number and PID.

Condition: The 'S' key needs a slightly harder press to register the input and the 'X' needs a real hard press. Rest of the keys work fine. Since I do not have the time for the RMA, I request the buyer to do it from the nearest service centre.

Reason for sale: Got another keyboard. So this needs to go.

Asking price: [strike]350 INR shipped[/strike] 250 INR shipped. The average pricing of a new one is close to 550 INR.

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PS: Please excuse the sidey images. :p


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Hmm .. S and X not working properly..

Seems like somebody been googling something very exhaustively.

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