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Hi All,

Selling my Logitech Z5500 Digital. The age would be around 10-12 years and it has been kept very well.
Upgraded to a Samsung Q990B with new TV so selling this.

Condition -
  • Overall sound quality is amazing. Subwoofer is in very good condition, just some dust in pics but bass is great.
  • Controller - The volume dial is erratic when changing volume but does the job. Remote control works perfectly.
  • All Inputs work fine including optical.
  • Original Box present.
  • Satellites speakers- The rubber rings on one speaker has got torn and single tear on other 3 speakers. But the rings can be replaced for around 200 per speaker max
    ( enquired about this already but didnt get time yet to get it done ) See attached pic for better idea. Check this thread for similar info .
    Center and one front speaker has no tear.
  • All speakers have perfectly working drivers. Speakers covers are present but removed for pics.
  • All cables are present

Would prefer a local deal in Pune so that person can inspect it and buy.

z5500 box.jpegfront and center speakers.jpeg
center speaker.jpegRear speaker.jpeg
z5500 woofer.jpeg
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@offtopic: This was indeed my go to speaker for a decade and lost this recently. The Control POD Gave up and couldn't find any support locally (Bangalore). If I can get the pod working.. I can live my life peacefully..

Best of luck with your sale mate.


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new was 17k, after 13 years with all rubber seal for all 5 satellites gone you asking 13k ? btw i still mine with me in working condition.
I got it for 24k or so, rubber rings are common for speakers to wear out and its max 1k cost for all 5 replacement.
Also, if someone is seriously interested i could negotiate a bit on the price.