Lords of the Fallen - Discussion Thread


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Lords of the Fallen is a challenging Action RPG set in a medieval fantasy world ruled by a Fallen God. Fight against the formidable Lords and Generals that command a demonic army, Lords of the Fallen rewards skill and persistence among dedicated Action RPG fans.

The combat system consists of many complex skills that join both weapon mastery and supernatural abilities combined with large number of weapons, armors and upgrades. Large variety of items and gear can be found throughout re-exploration and investigating game’s deep and intriguing secret areas.

Platforms: PC, Xbox One & PS4

Release Date: TBA 2014

Developer (s): Deck 13 & CI Games

Genre: Action RPG

Debut Trailer:

7 Minute Developer Gameplay footage:



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I just the saw the gameplay trailer yesterday. The visuals are really well done but the combat seemed to lack that visceral punch. As a Darksiders fan I am definitely looking out for this. I am glad they are targeting the PS4 and XBOne, no more being limited by tiny memory of the old gen systems.


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I am really impressed by all that has been revealed about the game till now. Will be following this one.
2014 : the year of rpgs and this will be one of the major games.


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Not available in india :( .... wonder why that is.

A few gameplay videos.

Looks really good ... and being a dark souls fan ... this is supposed to be right up my alley.


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Bought this during the winter sale and started playing.
Straight off the game was crashing on startup. Copying some setting files to documents folder to get it up.
Rolled a warrier and also a rogue to check which was better.
Dodging was not working as well as in DS in this game, so quit rogue and went warrior.
Will give my initial impressions soon.