Lots of Xbox 360 and PS3 games. XFPS360.

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games for Sale:

Xbox 360:

Lost odyssey ( Box is good condition:without manuel) : 700

Bioshok (box broken on one side ..disc unharmed ...works) : 650

Lost planet ( scratches on the disc but works) : 500

Yuvraj singh cricket ( scrathes on the disc but works) : 400

GTA IV ( good condition ) : 700

Left4dead ( great condition) : 650

Farcry instincts predeator ( great condition) : 500


GT5prologue (Great condition): SOLD (another forum)

motorstorm : SOLD (another forum)

infamous ..SOLD

Resistance 2 ..SOLD

I also accept paypal.



All prices are inclusive of shipping ( sent via DTDC only...no other couriers in my city)

Xfps360 :allows use of keyboard and mousewith 360

also PS2 duelshock 2 controller can be used with Xbox 360 , for those who are accustomed to PS controllers!

there is a crack on the shell and one usb is slightly bent. but its USB ( robust)...no problems works perfectly.
Discount scheme introduced:
100(X-1), (where X is the no of games) ...the more you buy the more discount you get.

eg. if you buy one game you will get no discount as 100(1-1)=0
but i fyou buy 2 then, 100(2-1)=100 !!
bump ...some interest over GT5 but nothing concrete.

But hay, no one iis interested in xbox 360 games ...really am surprised.
Really , people you should buy original games.

they are available this cheap ! like the rice of pirated ones!!

dont do piracy , go second hand ! :D
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