Monitor Blinks when Speaker Switch On/off??


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Hi Friends,

Have Dell S2216H Monitor.

Till last 3 years was using HDMI Cable that arrived with Monitor and all was Ok.

Sicne Jan. 2019 HDMI Cable was connected with Graphic Card Socket and all was Ok.

Desktop Monitor is on (up to 3FT High) wooden Table and Speakers are behind my chair feet (approx 1 meter distance between Monitor & Speakers)

Few days back no display issue strike Speed Test essay writer with old HDMI Cable and use VGA cable with Graphic Card and ALL works OK.

2 days latter bought MX HDMI Cable (v. 1.4) and noticed that Monitor blinks for seconds, when ever I on/off speaker switch. (No such issue noticed with VGA cable)

Exchange that cable for MX HDMI (V.2) cable and same issue is still there.

Just 2 month back bought New Corsair CX 550 Power Supply.

Speakers drawing power from Switch board on wall and monitor connected with APC 550 UPS (UPS main power cable connected to same switch board on wall from where speaker too connected) .

Speakers connected with Cabinet via 3.5mm Jack/Cable (No USB)

All Power connections/switches are checked and are in Perfect condition with perfect earthing/wiring.

Can any one suggest what are (possible issue)? Is Graphic Card's HDMI Port Malfunctioning?

Waiting for your valuable suggestions,

Thank you
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Here is my experience with my system, you may found it little bit confused/weird , but this is what I experienced.

I too have had same issue when Replaced Original Dell HDMI Cable (came along with Monitor) and check with other 3-4 good quality including MX HDMI cable, but no use, issue continues.

First make sure, you are using 3 Pin Power Cable for Monitor or at point from where your Monitor draw power.

Check if Ground (Earthing) of electricity connection is Done are ok, not get reversed if just recently any electric-wiring work get done in your house/office or Apartment.

Now you need to check with Other Display options (VGA or DVI), if still face blink issue, check your Graphic Card. (My basic graphic card failed just after 6 month of Monitor Blink issue starts)

Also need to check your motherboard for any SWELLING of any mini/small or big capacitors.

If above all is done and still issue not solve then sorry to say but most probably, your Motherboard is about to die, may be soon or (in my case, after monitor starts blink without any known issue, motherboard died within 2 years.)