Monitors Monitor recomendation wanted (good black levels)


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That is a good point. I had found my previous 27" FHD adequate but perhaps a 32" FHD monitor might not be suitable for browsing.


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My BenQ 27 inch Monitor has gone bad yesterday after the warranty period. It is a hardware problem as the screen is flickering with just the power cable connected

I am in market for a new monitor. Should be 24-32 inch. Budget about Rs 15000

Usage - Browsing and Videos (good black levels preferred)
No video editing and no gaming

Considering this model:


And if you are open to buying used, you may also want to consider the Dell 24" Ultrasharps on sale here. While I cannot vouch for the quality/condition of the ones on sale here, the Dell Ultrasharp range is quite awesome.

Had originally shortlisted the Dell 32" (the one you had considered), before deciding against a 32" FHD screen. Ended up buying a 27" 1440p screen on sale here, and find the sharpness a big step up from having used a 24" FHD screen earlier.