Motherboard for ryzen 3300x


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Can anyone suggest a motherboard for a ryzen 3300x without firmware upgrade?

Hey, you havent mentioned any requirements or budget, since you have a 3300x suggesting entry level boards -

I am going with just better than basics, all boards would easily support 8c/16t -

1) The latest manufactured should support out of the box - Asrock Pro 4 -
2) B550 this will support it without firmware update -
3) If you want a board that can handle 5950x in the future, probably the best VFM B550 board -

Prices may be cheaper on other etailers.


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550 supports without bios upgrade. Some 450 need bios upgrade. I recommend a 450 board cause 3300X is not a super demanding cpu and amd might switch to am5 for zen 4 and 550 board will become pretty useless for future upgrades considering their relatively higher costs over b450.