Motorola Photon 4G Mint Condition + Accessories

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Hey guys,
Selling my Mint Condition Motorola Photon 4G mobile phone.

Anyone who is looking in here is probably already aware that this is CDMA + GSM world phone. Its GSM unlocked for all carriers and works in India with any GSM carrier (Including 3G, I was using it with Airtel 3G).
Also works on CDMA networks (Discussion about it in Photon 4G thread in Mobile section )

Phone is in perfect condition. Mint, no dents, no scratches (Only few minor scratched on scratch guard due to usual use, not on phone. Its cheap scratch guard from ebay which develops scratches even during normal use. ) . Scratch guard applied on day 1. Used with TPU Gel case from Day 1.

You will be getting everything that came with the phone + a pouch + Car Charger (Both brand new and still sealed) and TPU Case.

I am pricing it very sensibly at 17.5k + Shipping at actuals. (17.5k shipped to Mumbai buyers who cant collect it from me personally. You are free to collect it from me in person and inspect the phone. But you will have to come to my place. I am not going anywhere :p
Shipping by TNT (should be around 250 bucks). Any other courier service will be used only if buyer insists and is ready to pay for it
Anyone interested can PM me.

Selling it as I dont need it anymore. I have bought Galaxy Note, and already have G2X, Atrix 2 and this. Need to get rid of excess phones. This phone is laying here unused.
Phone is updated to Motorola 198.7 firmware.

Pics below.











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Off topic - How has your experience been with the G2X. I know that you have had it for a long time. I am getting a good deal on the phone. MIUI doesn't run quite well on my S2 and i wanted a phone which can run MIUI flawlessly.

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Awesome price for an awesome phone. Wold have bought it i I did not already own one.


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Phone received today.

Condition is perfect. Shripad is a great guy to deal with.

Loving the phone. Its a big jump for me from my simple Samsung Gt E-2370(xcover) to MoPho.

Enjoying it so far.

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