MSI 5770 Hawk -- 10.2k Shipped !

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MSI 5770 Hawk​


  • 7+1 phase PWM design
    - World’s first HD 5770 has 7+1 phase PWM for better overclocking capability
    - 7 phase PWM for GPU on Hawk provides 100% more current compared to 4 phase PWM on reference HD 5770.
  • Twin Frozr II Thermal Design
    - Dual PWM fans and triple heatpipes.
    - Temperature is 13℃ lower than reference cooling design.
  • Over voltage function of GPU
    - Use afterburner to overclock HAWK, and performance is up to 20%.
    ]- GPU Voltage can be increased up to 1.35V
  • Military Class Components
    - Hi-C Cap provides more precise GPU voltage and has better stability.
    - SSC (Solid State Chock) for No Buzz noise.
    - All Solid CAP for longer lifespan.
  • V-Check Points
    - Hawk series has built-in voltage measurement points
    - Get accurate voltage of GPU and Memory on the fly
    - Additional cables to hold multimeter probes


Price --
10200/- Shipped

To order - You know the usual drill already(PM :p).


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G33kgod said:
how much warranty do they carry ??

3 years obviously.

One of the best HD 5770 available on the market. Personally i think its a better choice over even the Vapour X 5770 from Sapphire. :)


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actually, there are some point at which only a huge reduction in temp is needed for any further oc. Thats why there isnt much OC difference b/w a reference design and custom cooler, even if temp difference is more than 30c b/w both coolers.


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God, Im drooling all over. Unfortunately moved to a HD4850 last year and just do not play enough to justify this !!!


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hi sachin.

do reply me about stuff i asked u

and left your feedback ...also

dont mind but rates u gave me are same mentioned in website .please see i need one more gaming rig under 25k..with HDD also without monitor

do let me know ....


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