MSI 5850x2 OC editions

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hi guys as u know i have this setup from 17th feb 2010 and really happy with it

iam changing to 480 or 470 sli so dont need these cards as of now

warranty on them is standard and bought from SMC inter that is sachin as on 17th feb 10

if u have any questions use pm route as of now ill just try to sell these for a week only and if they dont sell then i wont be going 480 or 470

havent OCed coz dont find any need to and usually iam not a very big fan of OCing in GPU

as for temps iam getting less than 60 C when i game at 50% fan speed and less than 50 C when my AC is on which is 2 ton Ogeneral AC so its like bone chilling lols:rofl:

also dont troll or low ball all queries via pm

thanks and hope i switch to 480 soon cant wait :eek:hyeah:




actually had a 5870 so paid the difference for it and got 5850

coz 5870 was not in stock so sachin gave me the option to actaully xfire 5850 hope that clarifies
Ok guys giving a huge discount of 2k on both cards coz iam dying to buy the 480 but this sale will only be available for only thursday as on friday i leave for one week on vacation

willing to give the cards for 13k each shipped

Recd the card, installed it. Awesome card. It replaced an 8800gt & the diff is noticeable on a 24". Thnks for the fast shipping.
Not open for further replies.