FS: Motherboard MSI 880 GMA-E45 + Amd Phenom x/4 960T & Intel dual core + Gigabyte G41 + DRR3 2GB

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Hi mate i am selling the follow product

Product Name: Brand new (RMA MSI 880 GMA-E45 ) + Amd Phenom x/4 960T & Intel dual core + Gigabyte G41 + DRR3 2GB

Expected Price: 3000 for msi 880 board, 5.5k for amd phenom 960t and intel dual core combo with board 4k ( your get free cabient when u buy intel board as combo offer ;) )
Shipping charges: 200-450 depend on your area where u coming form

Description : Manual and driver cd also AMD cpu 960 box only for cpu,
Reason for Sale: extra lying here
Product condition: 9/10
Purchase Date: july or june for cpu amd 960t and msi 880 gx board 2010, intel g41+ dual core around 1.5 year old
Remaining Warranty period: 2 year for amd 960 t cpu, Msi board 1 year and intel +g41 combo 1.5 year
Warranty available in: India

Shipping from: Chennai
Shipping to: All over India, Local buyer.
Preferred courier: As per buyer at buyer risk
Payment options: Cash, bank transfer

here the image upload







the board and cpu are working perfect condition and i dont have backup hard disk for install os for mointor cpu-z

as i can provide bios screenshot about show cpu and board detail.. :)

for any detail please feel to discuss any matter and the Price is negotiations and no lower-ball


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^ i have not test it on unlock 6 core stable cause i use it for my gaming center, and yes i do have stock heat-sink which it provide with original box.. also bill invoice available only for processor


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A friend was interested in a hexa core proccy so if it unlocks then i can ask him. If you can somehow check this proccy for unlock cores


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Kindly mention the Intel dual core specifications,
And Intel G41 mobo specifications,
Invoice available.?
Provide links if possible
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cash deposited..... plz confirm...... awaiting shipping details...have sent u my address n contact details....also whats the cost of RAM???
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Sent u my address along with contact no.
U got it??? backing out for RAM... kindly send Proccy and Mobo.. asap... awaiting tracking details
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