FS: Others MSI Gtx 580 x 2 Twin froz 2 edition,i7 - 950,6gb ram etc

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hey guys iam selling my PC as i have moved to console gaming as of late and cant play much on my pc

iam from delhi and would want if sm1 comes and buys it after checcking

also i dont have the bill or the box for the stuff as after my marriage most stuff was given away

GTX 580 mSI Twin Frozr 2 edition ( have 2 of these ) = 18000 a piece ( bought in july or august 2011 )

i7 950 - 10000

mushkin 6 gb ram - 5000

corsair 1000W PSU - 8000

asus xonar essence STX - 5000

gIGABYE x58A - UD7 Motherboard - 10000

corsair H80 cooler - 3000

Lian Li A77F cabinet - 12000

for any queries please take pm route and shipping at buyers risk and shiping paid by buyer

pc sale





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RISKY STUFF MATE ! I would say NO ! you need atleast 850 !

Yeah. The main reason as to why I sold my GTX 580 on ebay. I did not want to change my new PSU and I hate to sell it because of all the lowballers lying around on the forum. 850watts is the minimum I would say for the 580 SLI but to be safe and to have a little bit of headroom, I would say a 900 to 950 watts PSU for overclocking and that kind a stuff.
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