MSI Wind U100 Netbook For Sale - Excellent Condition + FREE STUFF!

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Hey guys,
My 4 Months old MSI Wind U100 Plus Netbook is available for sale. It was purchased from Prime ABGB on the 25th of May. It has been sparingly used and is as good as new.


It's config is :

Intel Atom N280

2 GB DDR2 RAM (Upgraded from 1gb)

160 GB Hard Drive

3 Cell + 9 Cell Battery (10 Hours Battery Life)

Logitech M115 Laptop Mouse (Purchased along with the netbook, as good as new)

FREE 8 GB Corsair Flash Voyager with the Netbook! (RMA'd in May '10)
N.B. - The warranty sticker had to be tampered in order to upgrade the RAM. However, MSI officials have confirmed that this will not void the warranty.

I have been running Snow Leopard 10.6.4 on this and everything works flawlessly apart from Airport. I'm currently using a Belkin USB Wifi stick and I can include that in the deal as well if required.
If you don't need SL, I can install Win 7 before shipping it. The Apple sticker will be removed before the netbook is shipped unless you request otherwise.
Would prefer a local buyer ideally, but willing to ship as well. Shipping would be at actuals via DTDC/Bluedart (upto the buyer).
I paid Rs 15,000 for the netbook in May. I am looking for around Rs 12,000 which includes the upgraded RAM, the mouse and additional battery along with the free pen drive. I'm looking for a quick sale hopefully since I will be going out of the country within a week and this offer will no longer be available after that.

Lowballers are requested to stay out, however if you're a serious buyer then I would be willing to negotiate with you.
This is a great portable machine with an excellent battery life, a true road warrior if I may say so!



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