FS: Motherboard MSI X370 Titanium Gaming Motherboard AM4 (supports Ryzen Third Gen, flagship board) in Warranty


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NOIDA, 201301
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Apr 1, 2018
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Excluded - at actuals
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  1. Yes
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Changed hardware for an article. Doing one on x370 RAM scaling with 3rd gen.
Copying the template from elsewhere :)

  • Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL : MSI X370 Titanium Gaming Motherboard AM4 (supports Ryzen Third Gen, flagship board) (NEW is ~ 25K+ everywhere IDK why.)
  • Expected Price:MSI X370 - @ 13k
  • Source and Time of Purchase:MSI X370 - Amazon India. Sometime in 2018.
  • Reason for Sale: Testing a new x370 taichi right now (does anyone have a ryzen 1 to lend in NOIDA for an hour or so?) and 3600, 3600x & 3700x overclocking - a friend is doing an article. I keep changing hardware.
  • RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd
  • Product Condition: 10/10. Mobo - brand new look and feel. Unboxed only in March 2019 though I had them for a while before that.
  • Purchase Invoice Available: NO.
    (I have them but don't bank on me for this right now, my house is a mess)
  • Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Via date of manufacture: Mobo - June 2020. If I find the invoice on the mobo, expect +1 year round about.
  • Accessories Included: Original box, heatsink, manual, labels, whatever is in the box.
  • Product Location: NOIDA, UP, 201301
  • Preferred Courier: Speedpost only. MOST reliable. But, you feel free to pick another.
  • Shipping Charges: Very reasonable - will depend on distance. Mobo: 300-500. Volumetric rates apply. Insurance to be elective and at your cost. Packaging from me is generally, well, scroll through my feedback.
  • Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer, gpay, UPI. If you have my phone number already, feel free to go ahead without question via GPAY
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1. I managed 4000 MHz RAM (yeah, who'da thought - see screens) on the third-gen processors on this board. Yep. VSOC was 1.1V, VRAM was 1.4V. No big deal. QCL kits go up to 1.4V on the DRAM. This was with Kingston predator 3600 MHz RAM. Goes to show PCB quality.
2. PCB is a 7 layer one. Only very high end mobos go 7 PCB layers. Higher layers = less heat, higher clocks, better signal integrity, less flex.
3. VRMs can manage 260A SUSTAINED. AMD's MAX instantaneous amperage requirement is 140A for the 3900x. The sustained requirement is ~ 100A. So, this VRM is overkill. Want to talk overkill? The CH6 can do 450+A. At that you can power ~ 5x 6 core 3rd gen parts... so overkill is overkill. More important is the heatsink which this really has (finned) - check out the x470 Pro Prime to see what a good VRM can do against a bad heatsink - it shuts down with prime95.
4. I had a few of these boards. A friend is still running one with an OC 2700x at 4.35GHz. Golden chip. Rock stable board - he uses it for music production.
6. The mobo has 16x, 8x, 8x wiring on the PCIe slots. You can run 3x(8x) CFX for mining or whatever, and it has a 6 pin PCIe power slot.
7. The mobo has an 8+4 EPS CPU power config. I've never used more than the 8 pin. I don't see the point. The Taichi has a higher amperage rating and has just a single 8 pin.
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Here's another x370 titanium I set up for a friend with an OC 2700x @ 4.3. See the CPU temps (the pic with the glowing corsair logo). Amazing :)


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