MTS MBlaze Standard

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Hi, I have a MTS Mblaze usb internet dongle just 1 month old barely used.

Summary -

• Plug & Play enabled

• Speed upto 3.1 Mbps

• Fastest uploads at a speed to upto 1.8 Mbps

Purchased on - 18/12/2010

Purchase price - 1999

Selling for - 1000 (+shipping)

Original Bill - Yes

Accessories - USB extension wire (0.6m)

Warranty - 11 months remaining

Payment options - Bank transfer

Its prepaid so no need for transferring the device or anything of that sort just recharge and use.

More info can be found here - MTS

Maharashtra buyers preferred.


Interested ppl can drop me a pm.

Please don't troll this thread if you are not interested in the deal.

P.S - This is NOT a 3G device


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Follow market rules
2. You must provide 2 clearly visible pictures of the product along with your TE username and date written by hand on a piece of paper next to the product. Try to provide picture of bundled accessories if any.


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Sorry for the double post....but my offer stands RETRACTED!!!

My cousin also has one of these, and I brought it to my place to check out signal strength, and it's pathetic :( I was not even able to get 2 bars :( Browsing/download speeds in my area were very low, whereas at my cousin's place, he gets somewhere around 200 kbps :mad:

Anyways, thanx for the offer Ka0s :)
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