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i need a software which will let me create multiple folders and name them too all in one go. the software should let me number the folders from 1-1000.

does anyone happen to know any software which does this?


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you can write a batch file to do this, or even a perl script will do this job !


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A good explorer replacement like Directory opus would let you do that but you have to enter the folder names your self separated by comma.

Other wise as suggested you'll have to use a script.


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User Leo Davidson pmed me with a solution which he cannot post as a new user.I'm quoting his pm.Thanks Leo.

Leo Davidson said:
Hi there,

Your post about creating multiple folders in Opus came up in my Google alerts. I don't have permission to reply yet (only just created my account) but I thought it might be useful to mention that you don't have to type all the folder names by hand.

Here's an Opus button which automatically generates as many folders as you want after you type the prefix and the number of folders you want:

Directory Opus Resource Centre • View topic - Create Multiple Numbered Folders

Hope it's useful,