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1. WD Black 5TB - Purchased from Newegg on 11-Nov-2016. Has been used as my edit media drive but have no moved to SSDs so letting go of it. Has US warranty till 15th-Dec-2021. [Please note that in India it says Out of Region so I doubt it will be applicable here even though there are conflicting reports of WD Blacks having International Warranty - Rs. 8,500 + shipping

2. WD Elements 2.5" [Portable] 2tb x2
- Given new by clients end of 2017. Being cycled out now as the size of Raw media has increased so need larger drives for on site backups. Please note. There is no box, etc. The original cables are not in the best of conditions so will provide after market cables. - Rs. 3,500 + shipping EACH. There is a 3rd drive which will be added by hopefully the end of the month to this. - SOLD

Feel free to ask any other questions.

Please don't PM me asking the "best price bro?". If you feel the price is incorrect, start your PM with an offer. It will save everyone's time.

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5TB black on sale for 3 more days as of now. A quick offer makes us both happy...jajajajaj
7500 shipped to a Delhivery serviceable pincode for the next 60 hours...
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