My New Upgrades


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Hey guys,

I have been wanting to upgrade my rig since long. But me and my bro were kind of bored with the CM690 so wanted something more compact, different and pleasing to the eyes. So one fine day, I finally decided to build a new setup.

The rig:
- i5 760 (could have gone for i7 but this is more than enough for my needs)
- Gigabyte H57M
- Corsair H50
- Corsair XMS3 2x2GB
- Lian Li V350

This is in addition to the the components I have already have:

- ATI Radeon HD5850
- Corsair HX620

And I think the results are way better than I expected. The Lian Li is just beautiful both on the inside and outside. Without much hassle I was able to accommodate all of the components inside, and turned this into a little beast.

Here are a few pics (sorry for mobile cam pics):

I didn't really have to spend any time on cable management. It was straight forward enough. The case is brilliantly designed.

Had to drill a few holes inside to accommodate both the fans one of which holds the water cooler radiator.

This little box can even hide two 5850s on crossfire, something which I don't need at the moment.

I love the back, it's so sexy :D

Couple of more snaps:

I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Not only I have a better machine than I had before, it's also half the size. And most importantly, it makes my desk looks so damn beautiful. I just love it. :D It's seriously a change I have been looking to see for a long time.


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OMG !!! :drool2:

(BTW- Mobile Pics do look decent)

BTW- Corsair H50 due to very less / negligible ventilation ? Or some other reason ?

Damages Please ? Looks drop dead gawjus, Esp. Lian Li - Makes it look HAWT ~!


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Congrats ! :D Do you and your bro share the same rig or have different ones ? Any new videos/ads you guys have come up with ?


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I'm really curious on how much the cabinet costs , My dad seems to like it for a new puter upgrade :p ...


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oooh.. its looks way too cute..

put some garbage over it. :p. other how u say.. "nazar lagaega" or something like that.. :S


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I think you need to do a panel mod for the front of the disc drive you have shouldnt be hard. The setup looks sweet but that ugly drive front kinda sticks out :p

(Its basically sticking the bit of panel that you removed to put the drive there, shouldnt be hard to do at all youtube should have vids itll complete the look you want)