Need a Ergonomic Chair if its better then an gaming chair

What chair will you choose for work + gaming + streaming.

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On a Journey called Life :P
Need suggestion on buying a Ergonomic Chair if its better than gaming chair as claimed. What I am using is a basic chair which give me sore, you know where :p

I was looking on you youtube and saw an review on ErgoChair 2 which I liked but its not available in india and is out of stock on amazon.

Oscar High Back Ergonomic Chair in Black Colour is one I found very close to Ergo Chair 2 looks but don't know the quality.

also wondering whats with this Ergo Human Elite Ergonomic Chair in Black Colour costing it almost 79k :p

and we have a Gaming Ergonomic Chair in Red & Black Colour, I am confused o_O

Let the experts advice come in.


If you're in Hyderabad, there's this shop in Nampally I can direct you to where you'll find some excellent chairs for cheap. I bought one for 3500 recently, and it's the best chair I've sat on so far.

Checking things out locally definitely has its perks!