Need a momentary contactor (if they exist) or something!


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So I want a Mp3 file to play the moment my PC powers on.

I am currently buying al the parts to build this PC. I plan to tap into the 3.3V signal going to some LED's on the power button or something for example. I want that to trigger a play signal for a Mp3 module board hooked up to a usb power supply dedicated for it and wired to a 3w/4ohm speaker inside the case. I can handle all that.

The problem I am running into is this: Most of these boards have two points to solder on to open/close the circuit for play/pause. BUT upon a long press it will go into settings/mode or something. And also I'm worried if the contactor stayed closed (since the led would stay on) that the Mp3 would loop. I want neither. So I need to turn a 3.3v signal into a trigger for a Mp3. If there was some sort of momentary contactor that would snap open->close (or visa versa, just swapping states twice) upon receiving power that would be PERFECT. Ideas?