Need a Speaker fo PC


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I am looking to buy a 4.1 / 5.1 Speaker - Budget around 7K
Currently have Altec Lancing 2.1 and they are good.
I am bought a Asus Xonar Soundcard which improved sound quality a lot
Thats why I am looking to buy a sound card to improve sound quality even more
I am fan of crystal clear sound and surround sound, not a fan of Big Bass

Also are there any Wireless 4.1 available in market ? I hate wires around my room.
Suggestions please


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Well, could say that i am NOT recommending Razer Leviathan or Razer Nommo. Have tried both of them, and they are not worth the money, nor the hype. Way overpriced for the sound quality you are getting.


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You will have to spend a lot more than 7k to utilize some potential of that sound card.
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