Need A USB 3g Universal Data card in range of 1.5k to 2k


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As i mentioned in title ! I am in search of a USB 3g modem which will serve me well !
till now i have been using Idea netsetter 2g one unlocked it and using it with different carriers !
i inquired on lamington road for the same and found most of the shops flooded with creppy iBall 3g modem which many of people around me are using and found Idea net setter more better in term of connectivity then that of iBall one.

There was one 3g modem from Dlink also but dont remember the exact model so if anyone using it, please share your user experience with us here :)

and at last what else can i find online or on lamington road, more preferred place ;)

Thank you for reading my thread !

Have a nice night / day ahead :D

and sorry if i have posted this thread in wrong section :p