Budget 0-20k Need help choosing a temporary budget gaming CPU


I currently have an i5 6500 + gtx 1060. I am being cpu bottlenecked in a lot of games and it causes alot of stuttering and low fps. I am looking at buying a budget cpu as a temporary cpu to use for about 1-2 years after which im moving to a different country and going to build a PC there. What's the best option out of these to pair with my 1060 do get a decent fps in some games (Warzone , modern warfare, cyberpunk ,rocket league)
-Ryzen 3 3100
-Intel i3 10100f
-Intel i5 10400f
-Ryzen 5 3500
-Ryzen 5 3600 (Slightly out of budget)
Im using the cpu mostly only for gaming so will 4c/8t , 6c/6t , 6c/12t have alot of difference?
Budget (including motherboard) - 20k


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6 cores is currently the sweet spot. So go with a minimum of 6c/6t. i5 10400f would be a good choice.


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11400f/10400f depending on which you're getting a better deal in. If the price isn't much get the 11th gen. Even a used 9400f will be a better deal for temporary usage but it's hard to find any.


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I think 10400F should be more than adequate for GTX 1060. Motherboard with H410 chipset should be around 5.5K mark and 10400F around 13K mark.

OTOH, with 11400F you may upgrade GPU when prices normalize and it will still be pairing good with mid-top tier GPUS. But combo price of 11400F and compatible mobo could be exceeding your budget by 3K-ish.


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Its insanely difficult to get the 3300X due to its VFM but see if you can get a hold of it. Otherwise, go for 10400F.