Graphic Cards Need help configuring two monitors


Use hdmi then. If required, buy a displayport to hdmi converter since you would require two hdmi outputs to power two displays.
What do want to do with two displays: duplicate or extend.
You can use any connections on both the monitors and they need not be same can use HDMI on one and vga or dvi on other.
Then go to Nvidia control panel and under display select multiple display and there select dualview (extended desktop). Select primary and secondary display and you are done.

For duplicate display just go to resolutions settings in windows 8 and select display options there.
I want to extend the Display ...
Connect both the displays to GPU. Right click on desktop and go to screen resolutions and there select extend these displays under multiple displays and there you can also set the first and second monitor.
Check this video out!

If that doesn't do the trick then you can use Nvidia control panel to easily extend display. But first try this.