Need help regarding customs for shipments from canada


Hey guys , recently my brother who is living in. Canada upgraded from ryzen 2600x tp 5600x , so i am deciding to get his old processor
I am worried about customs in india, are they gonna charge me custom for old cpu, if yes is there a way to avoid duties
Thank you


you may mark it as a gift item of small value. Generally small items make it through customs without any trouble. Best will be to carry it in person without the box.


It's going to cost him around 1000 INR or more to ship to India. Moreover customs may charge you 43% of the Indian cost of the CPU. Too much hassle I would say. Ask him to sell it over there and transfer the money to you to buy a processor of your choice here.


I got one of these too! o_O
I'd be wary of marking any high value item as a gift these days. I've heard "gifts" are a definite way of attracting customs now since they make sure to see what this gift is.
Which carrier is he going to use? If it's Canada Post you may get lucky, but if you opt for the highest priority shipping options it may still get caught.
i have read it , i was exploring whether you could get it without a fuss purchase at lower value so even you get entagled in customs the vlaue will be low and they wont bother