Need inputs for Mobile Phone Buying Guides


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People, I am thinking of setting up proper buying mobile guides which are updated every 1-3 months. Will keep these guides separate so that they do not get lost in the crowd. They will serve as ready reference for anyone who is looking to buy a mobile phone.

To that end I need your help to list down the top 5 mobiles in each price category. Being a community, it is important that the guide reflects what the community thinks. I will further do any research necessary to create the buying guides.

Please let me know the top 5 mobiles in one or more of the following price categories:
  1. Less than 10K
  2. 10-15K
  3. 15-20K
  4. 20-25K
  5. 25-30K
  6. 30-35K
  7. 35-40K
  8. 40K+
If you feel we should have more or less categories, then too let me know.


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Flagship killer is the new crap norm just to attract foolish customers.
And depending on users spending capabilities his budget can variate. For a very basic saving dependent user a flagship can be max 20-22k while for a splurger it can be 45k+.
Similar a budget phone for me is 15k but for someone it can be under 10k as well.


These are generalised industry standards and not set by me. For example, under 10k is called budget and above 50k is called Flagship.
I don't think it's generalized nor an industry standard. Every phone company has their own value concept. In the end their marketing divisions get their PR people to put out ads and get reviewers to write nonsense like 'budget phone' and 'flagship killer' which makes it seem like a prevalent industry standard.

@Renegade Price categories are the way to go, but while i like granularity, i think too many segments may also be confusing and cluttered. I also feel, based on the market at the time, that 5k segments may not always be the best division.


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I think we can put Redmi 9 Prime and Motorola G9 sapphire blue in < ₹10k option. Both are 4GB ram and 64GB storage and sell at 9999/-. The Redmi one is a mediatek proccy while the Moto one is a Snapdragon proccy.

Edit: we can probably add these phones too to the less than ₹10k bracket. Redmi 8A dual 3GB/32GB for ₹7999, Redmi 9A 3GB/32GB for ₹7499 & Samsung galaxy M01 3GB/32GB for ₹7999.
Prices could go up by 1k because I'm seeing price drop during this sale now. Most are close to ₹8999.

Maybe we should make a table template to put the phone specs along with pros, cons and links to reviews so we can compare the phones.
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Too many price segments imo. Also instead of those pricing amount, it might be more logical to use a 'different' form of category like Strictly budget, Entry-level, Lower-mid, Upper-Mid, High etc.
Also, I would suggest one recommended model followed by one or two legit alternatives and not just something available just because it has a lower price than the recommended one.


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The categories should be sub 10k, sub 20k (in between 10 and 20k), sub 30k (in between 20 and 30k) and no budget restrictions above 30k. Those who can spend 10k can spend a little bit more and get something in the 12-13k range and those who want a 20k device can increase or decrease budget according to their needs.

Sorry i can't suggest any phones as all the available stuffs are Chinese nowadays which I'll rather die before touching but there are Samsung phones like m21, m31s, m51 etc. covering the 10 to 20k price range; Motorola phones are there for people like me Fusion Plus in sub 20k range and E and G series for sub 10k range; One Plus phones at sub 30k range for those who use that sort of stuffs and above 30k obviously iphones and galaxies. It's easy to pick a phone in this age as long as you don't think too much but it's extremely complicated if you're picky feature by feature.


Samsung M31 is undoubtedly one of the best phones under the 20k.
Sure, the processor is somewhat inferior, but the battery life and the UI stability+experience counts for a lot.

Edit: Oh, and I think you should keep the price segments as-is. It'll make the list more comprehensive, IDK why other users are against it.