Need urgent help, have to Order a wifi router by Tomorrow


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Just found out by accident that my payback points are expiring and one of the quickest way is to use it in ebay.

I am also in a look out for a decent router, I am currently on Beetel 450 TC2 which doesnt even cover me to the next room, provided by Airtel.

So I am planning to invest on a decent router and use this Beetel as a modem to connect to the router.

Now my budget is around 7k, maxed out at 8K.

Devices - 4 SmartPhone, 2 IPads, 2 Windows Laptop, A macbook Air, Wii and TataSky HD+

Future Additions - Possibly Apple TV, or Chromecast or its likes

: Airtel, 4mbps with FUP.

Requirement: House is around 1200Sq Ft. currently I get only 2 bars in the next room. The current router is present in near the hall & bedroom wall and it cannot be moved to another place.

Seamless connection to devices, as it moves out and in to the wifi zone - Very Important
1.Next is to cover the entire house corner, utilize the 5Ghz band to connect my newer devices.
2. stream movies from my external HDD, to be connected to the Router.
3. Might use a download master.
3. Future proof to some extent till I get a 802.11ac device or get a good 802.11ac router now itself but costs are really high & out of range.

So, I would like the learned group to suggest me a good router

Asus RT-N56U
Asus RT-AC52U

I have an asus in my parents place and have never had any issue with it, so leaning towards Asus. No Connection issues what so ever with

I have used TP-Link router previously and my Nexus 4 and Ipad doesnt behave properly with them. Thought it connects to the WiFi, it wouldnt have internet connection, until I restart the router.