New Member, also trying to reach mods :)


Hey Everyone,
This is Jay, owner of Mystic Mining ( based out of US and designer of (arguably) the most gorgeous looking 12 GPU mining case :D
I am originally from Kolhapur/MAH and still actively involved with Indian gaming communities (mainly for AOE, CS and PC hardware related stuff).

Well, I still travel to India often and wanted to find an outlet in Indian market not just for mining related stuff but then I always have surplus hardware items from mining builds.
Fresh here on the forum and planning to stay active. Happy to answer any mining related questions if anyone interested.

Btw, I was unable to create FS thread in the marketplace section so I purchased reseller account for a month but still unable to create FS thread. Wondering if mods need to approve me or something! I was unable to pm mods either so hopefully someone will direct me. Thank you.