Audio New PMP + IEM | Budget : 8k


Hi. I am looking to buy an IEM + a PMP under 8k (although, lower is better, so give me some options).
I am a little confused between PMP and phone. If I can get a phone which does not bottleneck the IEM and does not reduce/affect the music quality, I'll prefer that over a PMP since I'm not really good at taking care of many devices.
Also, I don't need any any video capabilities in the PMP, but a display is a must.
Minimum 32GB space is required. I can get a microsdhc card for 1.5k if the PMP/Mobile has microsd card support.
I'm not much of an audiophile but I like listening to good music.

I mostly listen to metal, anime, rap, club, pop, pop rock, altrenative rock, punk rock, Grunge, etc.
I would like punchy bass and clear vocals, i.e, accurate lows and mids. Highs are usually good with most IEMs ( I dont care much about highs anyway.)

Devices in consideration :
SoundMagic PL30 - 2k (?)
SoundMagic E10 - 2.4k
Brainwavz M1 - $30 from mp4nation
Brainwavz M2 - $60 from mp4nation
Brainwavz R1 - $45 from mp4nation
Astrotec AM-90 - $43 from mp4nation
Vsonic GR02
Klipsch Image S4A

Clip+ (concerned about audio quality ) - 2.9k from ebay
Nationite NaNite N2 - 3k (?)

No Idea.


For IEMs i would suggest u to go for Brainwavz M5 (buy 1 get 1 offer from mp4nation).
choose free gift as another as the same.
Its a steal deal man!! You just have to spend around 2.3k for two of them( people are glad to pay the same for even one M5). I ordered mine on 6th and received the package on 9th. They are too good and i listen to same random song genres as yours. Hope this helps. Cheers! :)


Both M2 and M5 offer good bang for buck, go with either of them

On pure SQ basis

On Build Quality

Rest is your decision and regarding hifiman their build quality is somewhat questionable.


M5 is cheaper and comes with more accessories, so I find it more tempting. But I have doubt about its build quality as you say, since I need these for atleast next two years. Which is better in bass, M2 or M5?

I am also thinking to get SM E30 for now, and upgrade again later after a year.. What are your thoughts about it?


Just think that u r getting 2 M5 for the price of 1. Even if something happens to 1 of them, u hv another to fall back on. The sound quality is superior than M2, but yeah even i hv my concerns about the build quality. If u abuse ur IEMs roughly then dont go for M5, instead buy M2.
Btw even i hv to buy a good quality music player, with a good equaliser n Micro sd support. Just lemme know what u decide to buy after the extensive search. :)


Sansa Clip Zip / Sansa Clip + are one of the best sounding music players i have listened to in the sub 5k range , go for it eyes closed without any doubts.
When it comes to iem , i hvae tried C12,M3,M1,R1 in that budget would rate in following order C12 >= M3 > R1 > M1 . C12 has punchy bass and good mids (not very clear but good enuf vocals ) . If you buy m3 it would have much less bass than c12 . You can try out C12 from Pristine Note , they have a 10 day no question asked return policy as well if you dont like the IEM .
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C-12 seems good but do not come with much accessories. how is it compared to the M2 and M5?

Let me sort out a little bit. Here is what is shortlisted:
Sinnature Acoustics C-12
Brainwavz M2 ($60)
Brainwavz M5 (getting 2 for $45 + getting some great ear tips, but build quality is a concern)
Velodyne Vpulse (dont know much about them, but well, BASS BASS BASS!!!)
Audiofly AF45 (dont know anything about them)
Audiofly AF56 (dont know much about them, although heard it is great with bass)
SoundMagic E30
Hifiman RE-400 (read some reviews, they say these are best sub $100)

Oh well, I am an ass for getting so much confused, but can't help it, there is so much variety available. ._.
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+1 for C12 due to it's build and sound quality.
Compared to M5 it has more natural bass but less punchy and more controlled,treble is kinda similar on both midrange is little better on C12.
IMO it is overall better than whole brainwavz lineup because of solid built,best i have seen till date.

Else also look at Brainwavz R1 if you want loads of accessories.


Totally agree with Nalin , If accessories are important go for a R1 . R1 also has a enjoyable sound signature. But overall would prefer C12 over a R1.
Regarding being an ass , when there are so many options you have to be one :D